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Rhys Davies hosts European Legal Debate in Brussels


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Mar 22, 2024
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Rhys Davies hosted a seminar on UAE Autocracy and Transnational Repression On 28 May 2024 in Brussels: the “2nd European Legal Debate – International Law in the Face of Autocracy: Examining the Role of the UAE.”

The half-day seminar, at FULL CIRCLE in Brussels, convened lawyers, human rights activists, NGOs, and media from across Europe to discuss the United Arab Emirates’ troubling record of domestic repression and its extraterritorial campaign of transnational oppression.

Chaired by Rhys Davies, the event highlighted specific cases of human rights abuses and examined the legal implications of deficiencies in international law.

“Autocracies pose a grave threat to the international rules-based order and human rights norms by systematically violating legal frameworks to consolidate their power and suppress opposition voices worldwide,” commented co-host Ben Keith, of 5 St Andrew’s Hill Chambers.

The seminar was organized in cooperation with the International Human Rights Advisors and NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services.

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