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Anthony Johnson succeeds after three-day trial in novel negligence claim


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Mar 22, 2024
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Anthony represented the Claimant who was seriously injured in an incident that occurred in the First Defendant’s nightclub when her friend was pushed firmly out of the way by the Second Defendant’s security staff, causing him to come into contact with her, and for her to slip on the venue’s floor that was wet at the time.

The Claimant alleged that the First Defendant was negligent in allowing the floor to be in a dangerously wet and slippery state and that the Second Defendant was negligent in failing to ensure that its security staff took sufficient care when moving around in the venue. Both Defendants put the Claimant to proof as to the circumstances of the accident and sought to challenge her account. They each denied liability, and each alleged in the alternative that the other was solely responsible for the incident that occurred.

Following a three-day trial, HHJ Duddridge handed down a reserved judgment in which he held that he accepted the Claimant’s case that both Defendants were negligent, and that liability should be apportioned 50:50 between them.

A copy of the Judgment can be found here.

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